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Shopping Center “Uspenskiy” is one of the most popular, famous and modern shopping centers in Yekaterinburg.

In 2015 “Uspenskiy” celebrated 19th anniversary.

Shopping Center “Uspenskiy” is situated in the heart of the City near the central square in a pedestrian Vayner street, so called “Ural’s Arbat”.

The uniqueness of SC Yekaterinburg is that none of the regional cities of Russia has such large and modern shopping facilities as SC “Uspenskiy” at the historical center. According to the rating of Shopping Centers of Russia held by Russian Comeetee of Shopping Centers in 2006 CS “Uspenskiy” was the best in nomination – “For the constant development of the format”.

Nowadays SC “Uspenskiy” includes 25000 square meters of modern space (GLA – 17 200  square meters) central air conditioning system, automatic alarm systems, notification and firefighting, electronic surveillance systems.

The building of Shopping Center is equipped with three escalator lines (26 escalators), delivering customers from the ground floor to the fifth level.

The Managing Company of SC “Uspenskiy” has been monitoring monthly turnover data of all shops of the Shopping Center during five years and no other Shopping Center in Russia has such analytics.

While locating its shops, Shopping Center “Uspenskiy” was the first in Yekaterinburg to apply floor zoning method according to product groups and once again confirmed its status as an innovator in this spectrum of services.

Six levels of the Shopping Center are grouped by the following system: basement level – sport and youth clothing, the first level – haberdashery and perfumery, the second level – leather goods and footwear, the third and fourth levels – men’s and women’s clothing, the fifth level – household appliances and catering.

·         TERRANOVA, CALLIOPE,  are brands of Italian youth fashion wear. Network has more than 500 shops all over the world. It is a double-floor shop with the area of 1100 square meters in “Uspenskiy”, floors of the shop are connected with escalator.

·       The holder of franchise agreements of such trademarks as TERRANOVA, CALLIOPE is the founder of SC “Uspenskiy” Leonid Bazerov.

In SC are presented such well-known brands as M-Video, Snezhnaya koroleva,  Lady & Gentleman CITY, Finn Flare, Olsen,  Krasnyj Kub, Evroset, Gelco, Salmi, Glance, Zarina, Love Republic, Befree, Dzhentri,  , dumpling "Duzhina" etc.

Traditionally “Uspenskiy” is the most successful footwear retailer in Yekaterinburg.

“Uspenskiy” offers for its customers additional services as – workshops on repair clothing and footwear, watch repair shop, engraving workshop, concert ticket office, aviacash desk, bank branch, ATM.

Residence and visitors of Yekaterinburg appreciate the range and quality of goods and services provided by SC.

Shopping Center “Uspenskiy” is constantly changing. “Uspenskiy” undergo planning reconstruction and reconception every year: changing the format and design walk-trough areas and shops.